Hey! Nice to meet you.

This is my first blog post on my newest site! I am passionate about faith, fitness, and FOOD. I live near Atlanta, GA with my fiancé and our daughter.

Why am I here?

It all started when I renamed my Instagram page, Lattes.and.leggings. It describes me to a T. I always have a coffee in hand and I would live in leggings if I could.

What do I bring to the table?

  • Recipes that I love from others, recipes from my own brain, and kitchen tips and tricks
  • Home decor ideas, indoors and outdoors
  • Fitness everything! From my favorite workout programs to my must-have products
  • All the in-betweens of motherhood from faith, parenting, organizing, and traveling, to pretty much any topic that I feel led to share!

Let’s collaborate!

If you have an idea, product, or anything that you want to work with me on, shoot me an email at fithealthymama28@gmail.com.

I can’t wait for you to join me on this crazy ride called life!! Here we go!

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