My Skincare Routine

As someone who works out almost daily, I could not have been happier when Fré Skincare reached out to me to try their 123Fré line. This line is formulated for the active person who sweats and it leaves your skin feeling and smelling AMAZING! [Scroll to bottom of blog to find out how to snag your own set today!]

Here’s a breakdown about this company…

– Fré is passionate about empowering women & protecting the plant
– 100% vegan products, cruelty-free, and PETA certified
– Have a 100% satisfaction guarantee on their products…not happy? You’ll get a full refund!

Why is the 123Fré line so great?

– Formulated for skin that sweats, making it PERFECT for the active woman
– The line consists of 3 products that work together to showcase your best skin: PURIFY ME hydrating facial cleanser, PROTECT ME facial moisturizer, and REVIVE ME replenishing serum
– Every set sold helps to plant an Argan tree in Morocco to support the women who harvest the Argan oil
– These products build facial skin resilience and turn skin that sweats into a naturally glowing complexion
– It has a bright, citrus, pleasant scent
– Leaves skin feeling fresh and vibrant

123Fré skincare line

How to use the line

Morning Routine: Wash face with Purify Me hydrating face wash. Follow up with Protect Me facial moisturizer.

Night Routine: Wash face with the hydrating face wash. Follow up with Revive Me rejuvenating serum.


1. Head over to this site and check out the 123Fré line plus many other amazing Fré products.
2. Use my code LANDL to receive 15% your order [and if you use my code on 4/20/2020, you can get 40% off!]

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