Banana Apple Lactation Muffins with Chocolate Chips

Before you say these muffins aren’t for you because you aren’t breastfeeding, these muffins are for EVERYONE! They are packed with ingredients that promote lactation and can increase milk supply but also provide fiber, iron, and omega-3s which every body needs to function optimally.*Muffins will not cause you to spontaneously lactate…no need to worry! WhenContinue reading “Banana Apple Lactation Muffins with Chocolate Chips”

Hey! Nice to meet you.

This is my first blog post on my newest site! I am passionate about faith, fitness, and FOOD. I live near Atlanta, GA with my fiancé and our daughter. Why am I here? It all started when I renamed my Instagram page, Lattes.and.leggings. It describes me to a T. I always have a coffee inContinue reading “Hey! Nice to meet you.”